Familien Nothilfe e.V. Sri Lanka
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The Association

Why this organisation was founded?

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Since 1990 I was six times in Sri Lanka for vacation. I lived during the day by the native families and undertook with these routes through the whole country. From it a close personal friendship resulted to two families in Sri Lanka. Since this time good mutual contacts have developed themselves to meanwhile 10 families.

Last stay (No. 7) I was in Sri Lanka with my Wife Martina and a 23 year old student, Kerstin Thoma (neighbour) in the February of this year, but this time not as a vacation, but to a private relief work for families concerned of the Tsunami in the area Waddura, Kalutara, Beruwela approx. 35 to 70 km south of the capital Colombo.

Due to the Tsunami it was natural for us to fly to Sri Lanka in order to help there on the spot immediately. By us and many acquaintance, under it also children, we had 6,080 EUR available for assistance.

IIn the time of the relief work from 14.02. to 03.03.2005 by the experienced, which was shocking partly much, by us three the idea was re-born, which I had already 10 years before:

We want to create an own association and / or an own organization, in order to develop a social net for distressed children, as well as old and handicapped humans in Sri Lanka.

Since 09.06.2005 we are official registered chairity foundation (Registergericht Weiden/Opf. Nr. VR 738) and do twice per year chairity actions in Sri Lanka directly where the help is needed.

Goals of The Association

The essential purpose of the association is:
  • To ensure the basic life-supply for unique needy families, children and handicapped
  • Support and help in case of special single-destinies
  • Support of needy families in case of repairs (house, boat, generally)
  • Support of orphanages, play-schools, nursing-homes etc.
  • Intermediation of godparenthoods for children of needy families (family-child-godparenthood)
  • Intermediation of pupil-supports (school-encouragement)
  • Intermediation of school-supports
  • In exceptional case, immediate-help is available for needy families in other countries, or needy persons, or groups in Germany.
An exceptionally high weight lies on “help to self-help” and constant control on the spot, in order to help effective with the aid available.


The financing and assignment of aid should be transparent and traceable for everyone, at anytime. We will report, therefore, at frequent intervals, in detail, here and at any event, about disposition of settled donations and the actual state of the projects.
  • All donations will be transferred fundamental to 100-percent, only as relief supplies, to needy persons.
  • The whole net-profit, out of selling of Sri-Lanka-articles, will be transferred to the donations.
  • The administration-costs and other charges will be covered solely by membership-fees and dues of companies etc. (Additional receipts will also transferred to the donations)
  • Sponsored money will also be used only earmarked. (less 12 Euro, monthly, for administration-costs)

Duties and responsibilities

At Germany:
  • Membership promotion
  • Publicity due to financial assistance of shops, companies and official facilities
  • Appeals for funds and events (sales-booths, image-presentations, fund-raisers)
  • Public-relations (Information-desks, newspaper, radio, television, internet)
At Sri Lanka:
  • Setup of bases, including bank-connections
  • Setup of a structure in Sri Lanka, due to the transcription of our aims.
  • Account-openings relating to sponsorships
  • Capable and reliable persons (domestic teams), due to transcription of our aims, in order to purchase relief-supplies opportunely and to use them earmarked.
  • To get in touch with the embassy, the governance of Sri Lanka and the mayors.
  • Consulting and exchange of experience within the team of experts (at association and at Sri Lanka)
  • Duty of control (income/expenses/support) due to the realization of donations.
  • Guarantee of the disposition intended (aim) due to donators and godparents.